• T.J. Cole - Democratic Candidate for Colorado Senate District 23
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We are super excited to have received the endorsement of two of the major papers in Northern Colorado.

gas-station-campaign-photoWe are building a unique coalition of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Green and Libertarians. We are building a progressive solutions oriented group of folks that understand UNITY is the way to solve the issues of Colorado!!!

Thursday October 6th was an exciting evening!

I was able to discuss my ideas for several possible solutions to some of the issues facing our seniors in our community.

1 Formation of a new SGO  office dedicated only to writing grants and securing funds for senior initiatives without new taxes.

2. Helping Seniors in our community gain access to better transportation services, more housing assistance and access to more medical and mental health options.

3. Federal Transit Administration Grant Program which upon a 20% match will help our communities with transportation money

4. Harry & Jeanett Weinburg Foundation which funds grants for residential care and nursing homes.

5. Verizon Foundation Grant which will help fund innovative care models by helping seniors remain in their homes and also helps seniors who suffer from chronic disease.

6. Silver scholars grant which helps seniors who do volunteer work. For each 300 hours volunteered, they will receive $1,000 in scholarships, that can be used by them or their kids and grandkids.

7. AARP Grant Program which provides grant money for social and behavioral programs.

These are some of the ways we can help our communities without having to draw state dollars or raise taxes.

lwv-senior-forum-3pic-1-lwv-senior-forumLets be about solutions folks …. not polarization…


lwv-3The candidates running for the House and Senate in Northern Colorado all converged on the Fort Collins city council chambers to discuss and debate the issues that face Colorado. ONLY one candidate did not appear. My opponent……. Note the empty chair…… The people of Senate District 23 deserve to be represented by an active, hard working, inclusive bi partisan candidate.


Taste of Timnath

What a fun time with great folks, great weather and some good political discussions. Still feeling the 5k run……..taste-of-timnath-maintaste-of-timnath-2taste-timnath3taste-of-timnath71

NRA member working for common sense solutions to issues of public safety…..

shops in loveland

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colorado academy of Family Physicians

On Saturday we got the fun opportunity to attend Severance days and meet folks and enjoy the great sunshine, antique car show, and some outstanding grilled burgers. We also expressed our support for the new high school.

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