• T.J. Cole - Candidate for Mayor or Broomfield
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We need to get our young people more involved in the community. We have so many great Service Organizations that can use the infusion of young energy!

To do that, we will start the NGI program. The NGI program will reach out to our youth and invite them to learn and experience what positive volunteerism can do to change a community for the better. Through NGI, our teens will make a positive difference in our community.

TJ Cole Caucus night pictures

As we have campaigned throughout Broomfield, we are learning that one of the most pressing issues for folks in Broomfield is a sense of community, and the need to know that their elected officials are fighting to prioritize families first.

This is why I pledge to put families first, and prioritize families in our legislative agenda. We want to make sure that we have unity in the community, and it begins by prioritizing and building relationships.

WE WILL put together a Coalition of the People of Broomfield, businesses and industry, and TOGETHER, we will continue to build a better Broomfield!!!! Everyone profits from UNITY!!!

Broomfield is an awesome City! It has great people and great potential. As citizens of Broomfield, we need to continue to come together and move our Comprehensive Plan forward in the most positive and collaborative way possible.

Municipal elections are non partisan for a reason. Building a better Broomfield must be an inclusive plan, not a partisan plan. Neighbors and friends can all agree that better infrastructure, conservative and effective budgets, support of free enterprise, and protection of our citizens are the main focus of good government.   To do that effectively, we need to come together as citizens and collaborate. We need to bring our ideas to the forefront, and be willing to listen to all sides. Good government is a responsive government that governs least.

This Mayoral and City Council election is not about negatives, but about the positives of this City. Broomfield has good candidates running for office. We all love this City, and are passionate to help make it even better. Let us spend our time talking about which visions lead us to a better unified Broomfield. But in either case, we move forward as a community of enthusiastic and positive citizens!





T.J. Cole




July 22 8am-10am Starbucks Coffee, 1170 U.S.-287         Creativity, Chatting with T.J.!

July 29th 8am-10am Great Scotts Eatery, 7510 U.S. 287  Eat breakfast drink Coffee, and chat

July 30th 8am-10am  Jus Burritos 7502 U.S. Hwy 287 Come get a coffee and Burrito and chat with T.J.!

August 12  8am-10am Starbucks 291 E. Flatiron Crossing Dr. Coffee & Chatting



The Weld County Bright Futures program is an outstanding program that will help young students pay for post secondary programs. It is a model program that will hopefully be replicated throughout the state and especially here in Broomfield. I plan to help our community build  a similar program.

Kids are awesome!

Kids are awesome!

The Princesses say go T.J.!

The Princesses say go T.J.!

Attending the Harvard Summer Institute

Attending the Harvard Summer Institute