About TJ


TJ Cole for Colorado Accepting County Democratic Nomination




Greetings! I am T.J. Cole, and I am pursuing the office of Mayor of Broomfield. I am a Colorado native. I grew up in North Denver and attended Denver North High School. I attended undergraduate school at The Colorado College in Colorado Springs. I also graduated from The University of Denver Law School, and the University of Denver’s Graduate School of International Studies. I am a Judge by trade but also practice law, been a reserve police officer, and owned my own small business.

I am a religious person committed to the timeless and eternal principles that honor God who created us equal, and which make for a good life and thriving communities. I am also a member of my Church Choir. I am the proud father of 4 children and three foster/step children. I have been a College Football Coach, and a varsity high school Football, Basketball, and Tennis coach. I coach High school Mock Trial and enjoy working with youth in our community.

I thoroughly enjoy the wonders of our great state. I am an avid fisherman, and love to camp and bike through our mountain towns. I want to seek common sense solutions in our community while protecting all of our rights.

I am a lifelong advocate for bipartisan politics. I have been very active in the Community and have served on many volunteer boards and committees. I have a strong law enforcement background and have served in the judiciary for over twenty two years. I am a founder and a Board member of five Charter schools. I hold five college degrees and am a College professor locally and nationally. I have trained Judges from around the world.

I launched my campaign to be the Mayor of Broomfield to change how things are done in our community for the better. I aim to bring passion and inclusiveness to the City. I seek to restore the people’s faith that their voices will be heard, and not drowned out by special interest politics. Hard work and fairness should mean something. Middleclass values do matter!! I plan to work with City council to secure their visions of a strong future. I plan to fight for small businesses so that they can be a part of the middle class resurgence here in Colorado.

I plan to broker a partnership  with our communities and Oil and Gas companies and other industries to protect first and foremost our environment, health and safety.  I truly believe that there IS a way to provide safety to our communities, respect local control, and work together for common sense solutions.

Transportation via mass transit and improving roads are another issue that your Mayor needs to be leading the fight for. I will lead that fight.

So join the Cole for Mayor Campaign and be a part of the change!

I believe that my experience as a Judge, Lawyer, Reserve Policeman, Coach, Small Business Owner, Father and Community Activist, qualify me to lead our district towards a better future.

“I am honored to have the support of grassroots leadership throughout Broomfield  I know that with a unified vision and strong work ethic EVERYONE in Broomfield will feel represented and heard.

As a Colorado native who has the experience, energy and the ability to represent all of the voters of Broomfield. I am committed to working in a nonpartisan manner to create a strong economy, enhance small business opportunities improve education and protect our states natural resources.

I am committed to a make government spending more efficient.

  • Clarify and eliminate obsolete laws and programs
  • Enhance education and reduce unnecessary testing
  • Protecting every citizen’s civil rights
  • Promoting Family values
  • Promote government transparency
  • Protecting all life

I am committed to working with all businesses to promote and enhance our economy without sacrificing our states safety.

I will promote safe energy development.

I will fight to preserve and protect our states resources.

So join the COMMON SENSE PLATFORM and start building a better Broomfield!!!