Colorado has, and is, growing by record numbers, and unless we properly plan and build the right infrastructure, we could be heading into a major crisis. In particular, we need to make sure that  RTD discounts are fairly applied to our district as well as others. As your Mayor of Broomfield, I will lead the charge to address the issue of transportation with a special focus on I-25 and Highway 36 corridors.

We should be researching vigorously to see how we can improve our roads and decrease traffic congestion. Solving this particular issue will be quite difficult because of the Tabor Amendment and other budgetary constraints . So we will need to make hard choices as a city on how we can improve our roads and infrastructure.


I will work hard to build a coalition of Broomfield folks who will work hard to build a 21st Broomfield where the people profit as much as private businesses. I will work hard to protect developing small businesses and make sure that everyone plays by the same rules. We have to make sure that small companies and everyday citizens do not shoulder the burden of tax regulations and supporting city programs alone.


Energy has long been a key driver of the Colorado economy. If we manage these challenges in a thoughtful and careful way, all of Colorado’s citizens will benefit. The discussion should be about sensible energy development in Colorado. It should be about developing energy in a way that maximizes the peoples safety, and benefits our city, and our industries. We cannot let the energy battle devolve into an all out war, where everyone loses. We need to build a strong middle coalition that allows more local control through proper MOU’s, that emphasize and enforce stated goals.  We cannot cave in to special interests or prior rulings. We need leadership to develop and regulate sensible energy development.