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Stephen Schulz Dave Acunto PRESIDENT SECRETARY To the Citizens of Broomfield,

The Colorado State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police is proud to announce its support and endorsement for the election of the following candidates for Council and Mayor in Broomfield. These honorable men and women have earned the trust and support of the Fraternal Order of Police.

 T.J. Cole for the office of Mayor

 James Marsh-Holschen for Ward 1

 Sharon Tessier for Ward 2

 Guyleen Castriotta for Ward 5

The Colorado Fraternal Order of Police is the largest law enforcement organization in the state representing several thousand law enforcement officers across Colorado including the men & women of the Broomfield Police Department. We work closely with our local lodges to identify candidates who have a genuine concern not only for the role of public safety services in their city, but also in finding ways for local government and its law enforcement officers to work together to find solutions to public safety issues in their communities.

We have closely examined the credentials, experience and dedication to their community of each of these candidates. We believe these candidates will be a voice of responsibility, integrity, and accountability in Broomfield. Each has the experience, ideas, and courage to take on Broomfield’s tough financial decisions, and each has expressed a resolute determination in making Broomfield safe for its citizens.

We believe these candidates possess strong leadership skills and understand the importance of supporting law enforcement and promoting effective public safety solutions in Broomfield. They understand how important it is for council members to build relationships throughout the city, and to understand the real issues facing their community.

We urge the citizens of Broomfield to vote for effective public safety solutions in Broomfield, and elect each one of these citizens to serve you on Council.

Stephen Schulz, President – Colorado State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police
— B U I L D I N G O N A P R O U D T R A D I T I O N

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