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Energized leadership for all Coloradoans.
It begins with how we care for our young!



Fellow Senate District 23 Citizens,

Are you tired of not being heard? Are you tired of not feeling represented?

I intend to change how we do politics in our district.

President Obama said

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other person or some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the instigators of the change we seek.”

Ladies, Gentleman and Citizens of District 23, together we must seek the change to make our district represent the voice of its citizens. We must take responsibility for improving the lives of our families and our communities.

As your District Senator, I will provide inclusive leadership by building a coalition of Democrats, Republicans and Independents together whose only goals are to do what is best for our District. We must cross party lines to seek not just a one-sided answer, BUT the best answer for our District!

We must HAVE REPRESENTATION THAT LISTENS TO THE MAJORITY of the District and not let  2% of the district control the 98%.

We must hold on to core values as we work together to build our coalition and march together to a brighter, better future for all citizens of Senate District 23.  As your Senator, I will commit myself to leading the way.


Working as a District Senator, I will make sure all citizens are protected under the Colorado Constitution.


All Coloradoans should have a fair shot at success and chance to succeed. Where everyone plays by the same rules. Everyone pays their fair share.


All people should have the freedom to make their own choices and live the life they want.


Our state leaders must focus on building a stronger and more secure middle class with good paying jobs, affordable higher education and a secure retirement without increasing taxes, or overburdening the very people we seek to help.


To achieve inclusive democracy in our district, we must all take responsibility for ourselves, our families and our communities as we pursue collaborative solutions.



I will work hard to build a bipartisan coalition that will fight for wage fairness, and tax fairness. I will work hard to protect developing small businesses and make sure that everyone plays by the same rules. We have to make sure that small companies and everyday citizens do not shoulder the burden of tax regulations and supporting government programs alone.


Colorado is growing by record numbers and unless we properly plan and build the right infrastructure, we could be heading for a major crisis. In particular, we need to make sure that RTD discounts are fairly applied to our district as well as others.   As your District 23 Senator, I will lead the charge to address transportation issues statewide, with a special focus on the northern I-25 corridor.

We should be researching vigorously to see how we can improve our roads and decrease traffic congestion. Solving this particular issue will be quite difficult because of the Tabor Amendment and other budgetary constraints. So we will need to make hard choices AS a district on how we can improve our roads and infrastructure.


As your District 23 Senator, I pledge to work diligently with each locality to address each of your local issues of urban renewal. I will work closely with your town Trustees to make sure your ideas and plans receive attention.  You will have a voice at the state!


I will fight to improve the facilities and resources provided to our kids. I will support collaboration between teachers, administrators and parents to change antiquated policies and bring improvements to our school systems.

I will lead the fight to help improve higher educational services to non- traditional students.


I will work hard to preserve our States natural resources. I will fight to let local municipalities participate in the discussion and have their voices heard. It is imperative that we put in place plans that protect our water, natural gas, and oil reserves while collaborating with the industries that use those resources. TOGETHER as a community we can find balance.


As your senator, I will relentlessly work towards improving healthcare for all Coloradans. I pledge to create a multidisciplinary and politically diverse committee dedicated to bringing the best healthcare options to the people of Colorado.