August 1 Monday Johnstown Town Council 7pm

Severance Town Council 7pm

August 6th              Ault Fall Festival Liberty Park 12pm-2pm

August 12th            Timnath Community Park Grand Opening 5:30-8:00pm

Severance Days     5 pm

August 13th            Beef N Bean Day Lola Park in Milliken 9 am-1pm

Severance Days Parade  10 am

August 15              Johnstown Town Council

Severance Town Council

August 16th             Erie Canvass 5:30 -8

August 18th             Larimer County Dems 6:30 pm

Eaton Town Council 7 pm

August 19th             Windsor Movies in the Park Main Park 7- 8:30 pm

August 20th             Dacono Day! Chocolate Chip Cookies and Politics too 9am-2pm!

August 21               Frederick Neighborhood Walk

August 22nd            Weld County Commissioners 9 am

Mead Town Council         7 pm

Windsor Town Council    7 pm

August 23              Thinking Liberally Coronas 5-6pm

Frederick Town Council   7 pm

Timnath  Town Council    7 pm

August 24th             Thinking Liberally Nighthawk Brewery

Firestone Town Council   7 pm

August 25               Walking Firestone             5-8     pm

August 26               Eastside Longmont            5-8     pm

August 27               Johnson Corner                  9-10   am

Loveland Shops                 10-12 pm

August 28               Broomfield Corners           12-2   pm

August 29               Weld County Commissioners  9  am

August 30               Timnath Flyers                  5-8     pm